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Excar Production 2 Sitze Elektro Golf Car mit Fracht


Excar Production 2 Sitze Elektro Golf Car mit Fracht Esswagen
Motor: 48v 3.7KW America ADC
Rear transaxle: (Italy GRAZIANO
Controllor: 48V 275A America CURTIS
Battery: Six pieces of 8V T-875America TROJAN
Charger: 48V 17A voltage regulation style charger
Steering system:Bidirectional toothed rack and pinion steering system,automatic clearance compensate function.
Front shock absorber: Spring suspension oscillating damper,top and bottom belt active bulb,can self-adjusting.
Rear shock absorber:Spring suspension oscillating damper.
Brake:Rear wheel mechnical drum brake.
Framework/Chassis: Aluminium alloy chassis.
Body:The whole body is made of engineering plastic PP.
Front tyre/Rear tyre radius: 18x8.50-8-4P/6P
Pressure:22 PSI
Chassis clearance:114mm
Front/Rear tread(Front/Rear):860mm/970mm
Front/Rear wheelbase:1670mm
Net weight(Except battery):275kg
Load weight:400kg
Forward speed:18-24km/h
Braking length:<=2.5m
Turning radius:2.9m
Climbing ability(Full load):Safety grade climbing 25%
Endurance mileage:60-80km

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